Application for affiliation with the International Changemaker network

This is an application form intended for groups that want to be a part of the Changemaker International Network. The application will be received and reviewed at the Changemaker International meeting, which is hosted by one of the networks organizations each year. To know more about your organization we would like you to answer the following questions. Please answer all the questions in as much detail as you can.

1.0 Has the applying group read and agreed to the Changemaker International guidelines?

1.1 Do you think it will be easy for the applying group to adapt the guidelines? Does the applicant already have rules for the group? If so please include them in the application form. If you don’t have an established group you could tell us what you think of the guidelines as a framework for an organization.

1.2 Is it similar to the rules and guidelines that you already have in your group? If you don’t have an established group you can move on to question 1.3.

1.3 If there is any part of the guidelines that the applying group feel they cannot follow please tell us which part and why.

2.0 Is the applicant already an organized group? If so please write a short description of your group and what you do.

2.1 If the applicant is not already an established group please give us a thorough plan of how the applicant intends to form that group.

2.2 What would you like to accomplish by becoming a member of the Changemaker International Network.

2.2 Please write a short outline of the next year for the applying group (what does the group intend to do? Does the group have any specific issues to work with?).

2.3 How is the internal structure of the applicant group and / or how do you intend it to be? Does the group have a leader and if so how is he or she chosen? How are decisions made within the group?

3.0 What are the main themes of the applicants work?

3.1 How does the applicant group work with advocacy?

3.2 How does the applicant group define itself as a youth group? What are your age standards? Is the group governed by young people?

3.3 How does the applicant group work with youth empowerment?

4.0 How does the applicant intend to finance the group? What is your budget? Is the group funded by someone?

5.0 Does the applicant have any connection to the ACT-alliance?

6.0 How did you find out about Changemaker?

7.0 An application must be sent to a member of the Changemaker International Network. The International Network is going to make the decision after two months of receiving the application.