What is Changemaker?

Changemaker Finland is an advocacy network for youth and young adults that strives for global justice.

Changemaker organises advocacy campaigns and various training events for youth who are interested in development questions and want to learn how things can be changed in Finland and globally. In our advocacy activities, we address the structures that cause injustice, highlight the perspective of the global south and the most vulnerable people as well as role of Finland in solving global problems.

At the heart of the network’s activities are the involvement and volunteering of young people. Young people all over Finland are actively involved in planning and implementing Changemaker’s activities. We work on local, national and international levels.

Changemaker’s values are justice, responsibility and love for one’s neighbor. Our work is guided by openness of one’s beliefs, as well as party-political neutrality. In addition to openness, our principles include participation, ecology and respect for law.

Founded in 2004, Changemaker Finland is the youth network of Finn Church Aid. Changemaker Finland is part of the International Changemaker Network. The first Changemaker network was founded in Norway in 1992. In addition Changemaker Finland does international cooperation with other organisation within ACT Alliance Community of Practice on Youth Participation.

Decicion making in Changemaker Finland

The activities are led by a team of volunteers who are elected annually. The highest decision-making body, the general meeting of members, gathers twice a year and is open to all members of the network. In addition, Changemaker Finland has various working groups responsible for its activities and projects, like the editorial group of the bi-annual Globalisti magazine and campaign groups.

Changemaker’s employees enable volunteer activities by taking care of the network’s administrative tasks and coordinating activities on national level.

Funding of Changemaker Finland

Changemaker network is financially part of the Finn Church Aid Foundation. The activities of the youth network are funded by the Church Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and some parishes as well as the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

In addition the Globalisti magazine and campaign activities of Changemaker Finland are funded with development cooperation funding from Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Changemaker is a politically and religiously unaffiliated organization andour volunteers come from many different backgrounds and walks of life. We value everyone’s right to their own worldview above all.