Changemaker-viikonlopun osallistujia Changemaker-kyltin kanssa

At Changemaker Finland, you can find a way to work for global justice. You can get involved in the following ways, among other things. Current information about the upcoming events are found in the event calendar.

Changemaker Weekends are held every year in spring and autumn, in variable locations around Finland. The event includes trainings, workshops and a nice get-together. Changemaker Weekends are a great way to get to know the network, other volunteers and get ideas for local activities. More information about the Changemaker-weekend of spring 2022 can be found here. The weekends include activities both in Finnish and in English, and translations are always available. You are free to use which ever language is most suitable for you!

ABC Training on Advocacy, is organized every spring and autumn. In the training, you will learn about different forms of advocacy, such as how to implement your own campaign, statement or petition, and how you can impact the global development issues from Finland.

Journalism trainings¬†are held in spring and autumn. The trainings give you all the necessary know-how you need in order to write for Changemaker’s Globalisti magazine. Articles in English are always welcome to the magazine! Got an idea about an article that you would like to write to Globalisti? Contact the Changemaker-coordinators for more information and join the editorial group!

Main campaign is Changemaker’s annual advocacy campaign that focuses on on current development issues. In its advocacy activities, the network addresses the structures that cause injustice, highlights the perspective of the global south and the most vulnerable people as well as the role of Finland in Solving global problems. Campaigns are planned and implemented by volunteers. Get involved in brainstorming the campaigns, organizing events and making advocacy visible in social media! Contact the Changemaker-coordinators for more information.

At Changemaker Evenings you can discuss current issues and become familiar with advocacy and development issues and themes that interest the volunteers. Changemaker Evenings are held regularly in Helsinki and, according to the enthusiasm of the volunteers, elsewhere in Finland. You can also organize a Changemaker Evening or other activities in your local community, for example by attending an local event and presenting a network campaign there.