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Changemakerin kansainvälinen kokous 2011

Changemaker is an advocacy network for youth and young adults that strives for global justice.

Our activities target social structures that uphold or promote injustice. We offer concrete means to promote peace, human rights and environmental issues. We believe that we can make a difference in solving manmade problems.

Changemaker activity started in Norway in 1992. With the years the brilliant idea of creative and concrete advocacy performed by youth spread to many countries. Nowadays beside Norway, there are Changemaker networks in Finland, Iceland, Hungary, Kenya, Pakistan and the Netherlands. An urge to influence on global development issues and promotion for global justice unites all Changemaker networks.

International Meeting has developed International Guidelines for Changemaker to advice national networks. This document describes Changemaker organizationally and ideologically. It also defines some fundamental principles all actions should base on.

Delegates at the International Changemaker Meeting in Finland in 2012

How to become a member of the International Changemaker Network?

On this page you can find contact information for all the Changemaker groups. If you are from a country where there is already an existing Changemaker network, you can contact representatives and ask how you can be involved.

When you want to start a new group, we ask you to fill out the affiliation papers that you can find here (PDF opens in a new window). Try to fill them out as thoroughly as you can, so that we can get a clear picture of your group. The more information, the better! You can send it to one or all of the affiliated groups, and we will get in touch with you

Download International Guidelines for Changemaker (pdf, opens in a new window).

Download the affiliation papers to apply for membership in the International Changemaker Network (pdf, opens in a new window).

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