Kuulumisia Kambodzan Changemaker-verkostosta

Ryhmäkuva Kambodzhan Changemakerin vapaaehtoisista laiturilla
Ryhmäkuva Kambodžan Changemakerin joulukuussa 2017 pidetystä kokouksesta, jossa suunniteltiin vuoden 2018 toimintaa.

Suomen Changemaker on osa kansainvälistä Changemaker-verkostoa, johon kuuluu jäseniä eri puolilta maailmaa. Yksi sisarverkostoistamme on Kirkon Ulkomaanavun tuella Kambodžassa toimiva Cambodian Changemaker Network. Uuden kv-työryhmämme myötä halusimme aloittaa paremman yhteydenpidon verkostojen kesken ja pyysimme Kambodžasta kuulumisia heidän viimeaikaisesta ja tulevasta toiminnastaan. Lisää kuulumisia kuullaan maaliskuussa, jolloin saamme yhden kambodžalaisita nuorista vieraaksi kv-työryhmään. Kannattaa siis pysyä kuulolla!

Kambodzhan Changemakerin vapaaehtoisia pelaamassa

Kambodžan Changemakerin suunnittelukokouksessa tärkeässä osassa olivat myös erilaiset ryhmäyttävät aktiviteetit.

In Changemaker Cambodia, 2017 activities mainly focus on quality of education through awareness raising events and campaigns to all level from children, youth, parents, local authorities, national and regional level. Three main campaigns were held throughout the year, including Children Day, Teacher Day and Community concert campaign. For instance, the community concert was organized and supported by 63 Changemaker members and local community youths (37 females) in order to raise awareness of higher education to local villagers in Kompong Speu province. According to Cambodia education minister, just 55 percent of secondary-school aged children attend school, compared to 98 percent at primary level. The community concert played a part to advocate all stakeholders especially parents to challenge the obstacles which prevent their children to pursue into higher education level. Part of the event enabled youths from city to play active role in volunteerism by sharing knowledges and experiences they have to youth in remoted area in a form of education consultant. Art was used to convey advocacy messages, opened the opportunity for local children and youths to show off their talents and skills to their parents. The story performance which reflected the situation of parents’ decisions in children learning pathway attracted the audiences in critical way, whether parents should value their children’s education as a first priority.

For upcoming activity, this earlier year, members would focus on building Changemaker strategy in three years long term plan by evaluate and reflect what had been going on from the previous years and moving toward a more practical and possible solutions responding to social challenging issues. There is going to be a national election in July, so Changemaker is also now in a process of analyzing and improving our strategy this year by taking the opportunity to build more capacity for new members and initiate activities that we possibly can conduct with an intention of creating no image of political bias or harm in public view.

From Cambodia, we are so glad Sophon is going to meet and greet while learning more about Changemaker Finland’s activity. We believe she will come back with a lot of new ideas and exchange perspectives from there.

Lisää kuvia Kambodžan verkoston toiminnasta: https://photos.app.goo.gl/FImvq6QUt8hCRX4d2